Objectives and methods

ill_007Art Therapy International’s core activity is to transfer knowledge of non-verbal therapies for psychotrauma, especially to areas where such therapies are unknown.


  • Providing creative therapy training to local aid workers in areas affected by war or other forms of violence. Those workers will then work with their traumatised compatriots.
  • Providing follow-up assistance (locally or via Skype/email/telephone)

To achieve these goals, the Foundation provides training courses on demand. Funding for these courses come from donations and sponsors. We also train trainers in the Netherlands.

We are open to collaboration with other aid organizations that have similar objectives. In principle, we can also initiate new projects ourselves.


The Foundation provides a project-based method. Project applications may be submitted to us by:

  • NGOs that provide aid in affected areas
  • Local organizations
  • Aid organizations in the Western world

The project proposals are assessed in terms of quality and efficacy. The Foundation may help to find sponsors. When the project is completed, Art Therapy International receives an evaluation report and financial accounting from the project applicant. The Foundation in turn will discuss these with the sponsoring organization(s).

For further details we refer to the policy plan.