Learning material

ill_008The basis for our art therapy courses abroad is the manual Coping with loss and trauma through art therapy (ISBN 90-5972-101-2).

The manual explains art therapy and how it can be used. It also addresses possible therapeutic interventions and exercises. The approach is universal and multicultural: the premises apply anywhere and to anyone. The book serves as a guide for professionals and volunteers who take care of the victims of violence, war, abuse or natural disasters.

The author, Fiety Meijer-Degen (1945), is a certified art psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor. She is the founder/owner of the Instituut voor Beeldende Therapie & Expressieve Psychotherapie (ICTEP) in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Since 1995 she has trained over 35 nationalities in 15 conflict or disaster areas.

The Foundation has widely distributed the manual. It is used by aid organisations in the following countries:

Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chili, Colombia, DR Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Cameroon, Kenya, Kosovo, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Uganda, Ukraine, East-Timor, Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.