Submit a project proposal

ill_011Art Therapy International supports projects that aim to treat the psychological trauma suffered by people in the context of violence. Trauma resulting from natural disasters, war, persecution or abuse.

Its expertise consists of providing training courses in art therapy to local aid workers.
You can apply for such training with us.  We assess project applications in two parts:

Phase 1 – General information about the applicant organization and the project

  • general information about the applicant
  • what is the nature of the project?
  • what are the goals of the project?
  • which activities have been scheduled?
  • what are the intended results?
  • what kind of support is being requested from the Hijman Degen Foundation?
  • what experience does the applicant have with the treatment of trauma?
  • what experience does the applicant have with training?

You can send this information by post or e-mail. We will respond within four weeks.

Phase 2 – Specific information

If phase 1 is assessed positively, we will send you a detailed questionnaire. Once you have completed and returned it to us, we will let you know as soon as possible whether we can accommodate your project application.

The Foundation provides training expertise and course material, but only has limited means for funding training courses itself. We can, however, assist in finding sponsors.