Hijman Degen Foundation is now Art Therapy International

Hijman Degen Foundation seizes to exist
Art Therapy International will be a stand-alone foundation.

The Hijman Degen Foundation was founded in 2006 and aimes to help people cope with psychological trauma suffered due to natural disasters, war or persecution. It does so by means of art therapy. To achieve this goal a small number of experienced and specialized art therapists was selected to do the practical work. They are known as Art Therapy International.


The Hijman Degen Foundation seizes to exist. Art therapy International will be a stand-alone foundation. The work and legacy of the Hijman Degen Foundation will be carried on. The art therapists are very much looking forward to continue their cooperation and help those in psychological need, banking on their decades of experience in psychosocial support.

Art Therapy International does not work directly with traumatized people, but trains local aid workers on the spot. It provides ‘train-the-trainer’ courses. Aid organizations in affected countries may submit a project proposal for training by Art Therapy International.

To be able to continue the activities of, the Art Therapy International Foundation depends on donations and sponsoring by private individuals and (aid) organizations.

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